The inland South West area is noted for its scenery and beautiful Autumn colour.

An Autumn scene in a valley to the east of Bridgetown with a private arboretum that features many interesting trees from all over the world.

The image is of flowers of the Horse Chestnut - spectacular in Spring in the cooler conditions of the South West - south of Perth.

Some gardens are being 'retro-fitted' to take into account the need to take precautions against bushfires, ie to become firewise whilst at the same time trying to be waterwise. Targeted garden maintenance to make the garden "clean and lean" (or somewhat on the sparse side) which is then assiduously kept up is the key to ensuring a property becomes safer from bushfires and remains safe.  See the blog on firewise happenings.

The soils are often clay-based and water-retentive which can support orchards for warm and cool temperate trees, such as peaches, apricots, apples and pears.  The flower garden is well represented as are collections of camellias, roses including the old favourites, Tea roses, and other flowering shrubs.

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