Autumn hints


The flowering of the Bella Donna Lilies, often called Naked Ladies, because their flowering stems emerge from the earth before the leaves appear, are a sure sign that Autumn is  here.  

The days are noticeably shorter.  In fact as I write this we are at the equinox.  We are looking out for rain with hope that some may fall and dampen the parched and dusty land.

We have picked the last of the peaches.  These late varieties are not really cultivars but are probably seedlings, nonetheless they are very acceptable golden fruits that are delicious fresh or lightly poached for freezing and eating later in the depths of winter when summer is but a memory.

With the shorter days and the start of cooler nights we are starting to see leaf fall and some colour in the poplars as they turn to gold.  To me this is one of the most attractive times of the year with mild days, little wind and cool nights. 

The mellow season.

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