Now to the gardening

At last, after what seems like months, but with most of the energy concentrated in the past fortnight the programme of the Festival of Country Gardens has been compiled by yours truly, ie Peta Townsing, who is the Festival coordinator till the end of this year and chair of Blackwood Country Gardens Inc which is the association that stages the Festival.  

In the past five days the programme for the Festival has been organized into a brochure using such software as Quark Express, Adobe Illustrator (a bit mysterious), Photoshop (good fun) and the more mundane office software such as Exel for creating tables and then converting most of this to pdf.  

The whole document is then converted from Quark into a pdf for sending to the Prepress people for creating film to send to the printers in the four colours used: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

By the end of September we will be collecting 5000 copies of a DL sized brochure which will contain the main details of the Festival of Country Gardens for spring.

Meantime it is available as a low resolution form with a smaller file size that can be viewed on line and then printed if desired.  This form comes as a "spread" as though the pages are opened out for easy printing on A4 sized sheets of paper.

Of course in the past couple of weeks we have had both warm weather and some rain which the weeds, knowing that I am busy, have been making the most of my not being amongst them and have grown exceeding well.  So it will be out with the mower, the gardening gloves, the mulching, damp newspapers and the mini-pick to get on top of the weeds before they get on top of me!

Hope you enjoy the programme brochure and that there are not too many typos.  There is an error on the map in finding the Equinox garden in Donnybrook - Google is not always accurate and that will be remedied on line at least.

The wisteria is out in the front garden of the Cottage.  It seems a bit early, but maybe the warm days of recent weeks have brought on the flowering.

Happy gardening.

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