Spring energies

"Spring has sprung"

Warming sun, longer days then sudden squalls, blossom covering trees, becoming bedraggled - all these are typically characteristics of spring.  Not at all like autumn which is much more mellow.

Perhaps the weather has something to do with the equinox and the equinoxial gales.  In any case it is a busy time in the garden with much happening and lots to do.

From bare trees last week, the Simon's Poplars are springing into leaf and in a couple more days will be well covered and providing shade and shelter to passing or sheltering birds and other animals.

I have mixed feelings about the Simon's Poplars.  They are reputed not to sucker, but as with all poplars they have an aggressive root system, and if roots are damaged new growth will spring from them.  The roots will seek out water and will, I suspect, compete very successfully with other plants to the extent that any newcomers will be crowded out and will not succeed against the assertive poplar.

Montaza Park verge east looking

In fact, I am about to move several roses which even with a root barrier in place are no match against these poplars.  The moral of this story is to be very careful about siting Simon's Poplars because not much else will get a look in if anywhere in the vicinity.

Simon's Poplars in mid May with most of their leaves fallen. Roses just inside the fence are not thriving with the fierce competition from the poplars' roots.

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