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Jarrah forest orchid. 

Found on a morning walk

Wildflower orchid blue111106-037

Blue enamel orchid

Here are several sample pictures taken of the landscapes that we visit.

Wildflower walks were a feature in spring 

IMG 0363

Everyone’s looking for wildflowers in this picture of bushland just east of Bridgetown in Jarrah/Wandoo woodland.


Near Bridgetown in Jarrah/Marri forest, a bright Hibbertia flowers away.

An example of what can be seen is shown here at the Golden Valley Tree Park in spring.  New leaves on an old grove of pear trees, mid October.

DCP 3624
DCP 2994

A windy day late October when the deciduous trees are in full leaf and the grass on the paddocks is still green.  In the centre of the image an old-fashioned rose, ‘Manettii’ clambers through and over a type of Irish Strawberry tree, an Arbutus.  These two plants are remnants from early plantings made around the old Homestead, of which only a few bricks remain.

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