Bridgetown gardens

Here are some images of the Bridgetown gardens open for the Autumn Festival of Country Gardens.

Sunny fig 121103-133.jpg

Sunnyhurst (82) in Bridgetown, a beautiful Federation house with garden to match.  

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Ford House (14) is an historic property on the banks of the Blackwood River very near the bridge that spans the Blackwood River at the southern end of town.

Silver birches shown in the large riverside garden.

IMG 4138

Froghollow on Blackwood (15) is a large garden in a valley with many trees in a parkland setting. The many deciduous trees and avenues of Cottonwoods serve as a fire-retardant barrier.

Rokewood glory vine cropped

Rokewood (175) is a garden on a hillside to the east of Bridgetown.  

A pleasant Cottage garden with places to sit, a vegetable garden and collection of citrus trees. 

The Crimson Glory Vine, a relative of the grapevine, colours beautifully in this area where there are cold nights and sunny days.

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